7colours is fueled by the belief that business ought to be empowering - and respectful of our world and the people in it. We are a professional direct marketing partnership with a difference.

For us, the 'market' is not an abstraction, but rather is one intelligent person after another: people who share an attitude to life that is not based on alienated consumption or the mindless pursuit of wealth.

If you believe that doing business does not mean sacrificing values, if you agree that marketing can express an ecology of respect, and you want to reach people who feel the same way, get in touch. We can help you. We are committed, experienced, ethical and professional. And we are as principled and selective as you are.

7colours is lean, flexible, and responsive, with little overhead or indirect costs.We are aware of the financial constraints faced by many companies in today's economy and we will work with you to find affordable and profitable solutions.